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I had to deposit over $1000 and waited for weeks for my Maltese puppy to be ready for rehoming. It was a leap of faith,. Surprisingly, I felt comfortable all through the wait time, there were in constant communication with me till my puppy was ready. He is finally in my arms and we are deeply grateful of this gesture.

Finding homeofminipups was a life changing experience for me and my family. It was love and trust at first sight. My first impression hardly misleads me. Coupled to their heart melting collection of puppies, their size, their cuteness, we just couldn’t believe our eyes. We bought 2 micro Poodles. Everything from their service to their dogs is out of this world and I couldn’t be happier. When puppies finally arrived to luxemburg. We thought they would be really tired after days of travelling; on the contrary they were energized and couldn’t wait to explore their new home. And even after they delivered, they were supper concerned for them and answered our questions with outstanding patience.

“Dear subscribers to  homeofminipups, if you are here reading these lines, at one point I was in your shoes. Yes trust issues at various stages, when I finally belief in their service, I knew for sure I will get a puppy delivered to me but definitely not the same cute puppy I saw on pics.

What I expected to find when I picked up my pup: An exhausted scared puppy, not trusting new people, probably sick, probably not that cute as in the pictures, not that small or something completely different.

What I actually received: Dreams come true, very small, very sweet, playful, confident, healthy and really easygoing. He was beyond my expectations, which were high, also considering the high price I paied for him. I couldn’t be happier with this decision. “What you see is what you get, probable even cutter. LOL!

Hello there, I am not a buyer but have a female puppy here in Bulgaria.  our 3 years old show quality and champion bloodline mini pug was examined by top notched vets, homeofminipups accepted to breed and paid for everything for the puppy to go to them in USA.

We are happy to have received our puppy back safe and sound plus 1 other toddler.

HomeofMinipups was a great experience for me! The family is extremely responsive and easy to communicate with. They answered all of my questions and were very helpful in recommending my first pet puppy which is a Beagle.  My puppy arrived safely and on time as promised, so that I could start with him right away after his arrival. I highly recommend Home of Mini pups because they truly care about providing you with a healthy, happy puppy at an affordable price.

We just had to write a review because our puppy is the cutest thing ever! All of his photos looked amazing and I was really worried that they were going to be too good to be true, but they were even better than expected. We had questions before we ordered our puppy and they were very responsive. They sent us an updated photo of our puppy shortly before delivery so we could see how big he would get. We cannot recommend them enough!

My family LOVES our little  Pembroke Welsh Corgi from homeofminipups beyond words! We cannot say enough great things about the family. My bank gave us lots of issuing trying to send money to them because they have not been in my business contacts, they were able to work with us to explore other methods of payments which went well. Thumps up to you guys.

Thanks for the update, Matilda! It’s great to hear that Joel is doing well and has settled into his new home. It sounds like he’s a smart and active little guy who loves attention and affection. Keep up the good work with his training and enjoy all the cuddles! It’s wonderful to know that Joel has found his forever home with you and has a special place in your hearts. Keep in touch and let you know
every recommendations I sent you Thumps up all the way.