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Stay Safe

We are aware of the increase in scams using our pictures and videos, so we have taken extra measures to ensure that you are not tricked by false information. Please understand that any images we decide to send may carry our watermark or contacts.

We want to let everyone know that we are aware of people tricking people by using content from our company to gain trust in order to get money or people’s personal information. Our entire team works very hard to create positive experiences for everyone who uses our services, so please be mindful who you contact outside here.

  • We recommend you bookmark our link so you are always sure you are in the right company
  • Use only contact information listed on our website, we are active on Telegram with updates on available puppies or future litters, join and be part of our pet friendly community.
  • We will issue acknowledgement receipts for any payment made to us registering the transaction number for future references.
  • We do not have a reseller anywhere neither do we give out our puppies to resellers. Please do not fall for anyone claiming to be a reseller for us. We give our puppies directly to the concerned families after scrutinizing them. Put simply, any transaction you do without confirming with us is at your own risk.
  • Last but not the least, all our puppies are certified healthy and the parents are available with us or one of our several breeding and catering partners.

 We are happy to have provided you with a lifetime companion puppy. Please spread the news!