Please read the ad fully before making inquiries These pups are not a mixed breed or cross breed they are unregistered full breed Pomeranians from many reputable home breeders, our collection is the best. Comes in various colors. Check list of hybrid puppies to see what cross breeds Pomeranians we have;

Our Hybrid puppies, Beautiful Pomchi puppies, and, or Pomsky puppies.

White/Cream, Orange with Black muzzle, sable Purebred Teddy bear Pomeranian Puppies for sale, sable with white patches on chest, Complete black Purebred Teddy bear Pomeranian Puppies for sale, Black with white patches Purebred Teddy bear Pomeranian Puppies for sale, orange male Purebred Teddy bear Pomeranian Puppies for sale, Chocolate and much more all purebred;
Mini Pomeranian Puppies for sale
Teddy bear face toy Pomeranian puppies
Buy fluffy teacup Pomeranian puppies
Buy Merle Pomeranian puppies

Also for the health and safety of our litters we are not permitting any in person visits tell the day of the pick up to keep our pups from getting any canine viruses cause a small pup at this age that gets anything just would not make it and we not willing to risk it. You can join our telegram channel for updates Some people may not understand this and that’s fine but you probably shouldn’t be getting a small puppy like ours.

We scrutinize all inquiries on our puppies, we rehome them only to pet loving homes and have the right to decline any offers. If you are not ready to proof of level of competence and capabilities in handling any of our pups, don’t bother to contact us. Special delivery available to all puppies.

At home of mini pups be sure to have Cute Teddy bear faced, furry loving, adorable family companions. Our Purebred Teddy bear Pomeranian Puppies for sale are Fun loving, intelligent, always up for a playful adventure and cuddling with people and children With lots of love they become adorable family members. Parents are purebred Pomeranians, high qualities, about 4 to 6pounds. They are ready for new homes.

They got their first vaccination and full vet checks before leaving.