Maltese Puppies available to new homes

This breed of dogs is the most popular toy breed in the world, and with their white coat, easy-to-train adaptability, and compact size—Angelic comes in handy when you need to transport a dog long distances or in small spaces. Their intelligence, beauty and playful nature make them great companions.

A pint-sized pooch with an abundance of personality, known for their glossy thick coat and bright, dark eyes. But don’t be fooled: Though diminutive in size, the energetic Maltese dog is spunky and has a personality fit for a much larger pup.

Maltese Puppies available to new homes
Teacup Maltese puppies are small, adorable, and playful dogs that have become a popular choice for pet lovers around the world. Here’s everything you need to know about these tiny pups.
What are Teacup Maltese puppies?
Teacup Maltese puppies are a smaller version of the regular Maltese breed. They are bred to be smaller in size, usually weighing between 3-6 pounds when fully grown. The term “teacup” refers to their small size, as they are small enough to fit inside a teacup.


Teacup Maltese puppies have a distinctive white coat that is long and silky. They have a small, round head with big, round eyes that are usually dark in color. Their ears are long and droopy, and their tails are plumed and curl up over their backs.


Teacup Maltese puppies are known for their affectionate and playful personalities. They are intelligent, loyal, and love to be around their owners. They are also known for being good with children and other pets, making them a great choice for families.


Teacup Maltese puppies require daily grooming to keep their coat clean and healthy. They also need regular exercise, such as short walks or playtime in a fenced yard. Due to their small size, they are sensitive to extreme temperatures and should be kept indoors in air-conditioned or heated environments.


Teacup Maltese puppies are generally healthy, but they are prone to certain health issues such as dental problems, eye infections, and respiratory issues which can be easily cleared by a vet. It is important to purchase from us since all our pups pass through
an intense health screening before rehoming.


Teacup Maltese puppies are intelligent and can be trained easily. They respond well to positive reinforcement training methods, such as treats and praise. It is important to socialize them early on to help them develop good behavior and manners.


Teacup Maltese puppies are a popular choice for pet lovers who want a small, adorable, and affectionate dog. They require regular grooming, exercise, and care to ensure they stay healthy and happy.