Fluffy POMERANIAN Puppies

Breed Information
Popularity: 15th by 2022

Origin: Poland, Germany
Breed Group :Toy (AKC:1888), Companion Breeds (UKC)
Type/Size: Purebred ,Tcup/Mini
Life span 12-16 years
Temperament :Active, Friendly, Extroverted, Sociable, Playful,

Barking/grooming: Moderate
Height 7-12 inches (18-30 cm)
Weight 3-7 pounds (1-3 kg)
Litter Size 2-4 puppies
Puppy Prices
Average $900 – $1250 USD
for a Pomeranian puppy with top breed lines and a superior pedigree,
you may need to pay between $2,500- $5,500.