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Find your dream puppy with us

We receive special Orders from time to time. A Special order is a service to locate a particular breed color and gender of the puppy you want within an age group. Since a puppy is a living animal, no puppy is going to look exactly the same. However, we can locate the similar ones to what we have within your range. We are in contacts with many reputable mini pet breeders around the globe and it’s very possible one or 2 of them will have exactly what you want or even better.

Once a $500 deposit is made, the service to locate the puppy will start. Once we locate the particular puppy, the client will have first priority before the post goes up on our sales channel. The client 1 day to decide whether to keep or pass on the puppy. 

If the client is happy with the puppy, the $500 deposit is applied toward the puppy price and the remaining balance becomes due in 3 days to validate full claims over puppy.

If the client is unhappy with the puppy we present, they are welcome to pass on the puppy and wait for the next available puppy or request a refund (80%) of what was paid considering sending charges and other logistics. We will not take more than 1 week to locate your dream puppy, the puppy could be available as we cannot display all what we have up for sale.

The client will have privilege of passing the puppy three times before this privilege goes away. The $5,00 deposit paid does not expire.

Please consult with your sales associate for duration of locating the puppy. Some breed/color/gender can have waiting list in place.

Please do NOT place the order if you are unsure or not committed to purchase.