We offer local and International deliveries to most places, feel free to trust our experience on this for a hassle free relocation of your puppy meeting all their safety and health needs at any given point.

When you allow us choose a third party delivery agency we can count on, we compensate for any eventualities even after you pick up your puppy.

  • We welcome local pickup; please inquire from sales team for procedures.
  • Your puppy will be arriving at its destination airport, most likely in a deliriously happy state, and you will be looking forward to greeting your puppy for the first time.

It is possible that there may be unforeseeable issues such as spaces that are either full or not accepted by the airline on specified dates. Should this happen and we need to re-arrange your puppy’s flights, we’ll do so as soon as possible with no extra cost to you.

Safety is our Top priority. We have a track record of over 95% successful Delivery, by successful delivery we mean with puppies arriving in excellent state. We have the right to cancel a flight or reprogram if there are any safety concerns. The cost for the shipping paid to us only covers the flight and the necessities to have the puppy delivered to the destination. The puppies must pass our final vet checkups and receive safe to fly along with a quarantine visit and confirm the documentation for the travel. The delivery arrangement team will reach out for the delivery at least a day before the travel. Different countries and States have different laws but we are sure the minimum age to board a puppy is 10 weeks old.

Our Guarantee Policies

  • Every pet we sell comes with a 1 year health guarantee that includes: heart defects, congenital organ dysfunction result in death, congenital defect cause death, or a congenital life-threatening defect that results in death.
  • We give all of our pets a full wellness check, including parasite treatment, internal and external parasite treatment.
  • This also includes giving core vaccination, rabies and optional including Kennel Cough shots before they leave to ensure that they arrive at your home happy and healthy.
  • We are not responsible for any vet bills or shipping for a replacement puppy.
  • This is why we strongly recommend that you pay for a pet insurance plan, so that when your dog gets sick, you have some level of assistance in dealing with it.

How to file for refund or puppy replacement.

You must submit valid health tests from your vet showing there are hereditary problems.

Within the 1 year health warranty period.

  1. Submit all documents within the 1-year period.
  2. Include any congenital findings submitted within 48 hours of initial diagnostics.
  3. All other issues, such as naturally occurring changes in coat color or weight may not be covered. Please see the policy for further details.

Our Common FAQs

They are living animals and prone to changes. Although we estimate the size and weight of the puppies, it is by no means a guarantee. The way we estimate is based on the parents and the grandparents of the given puppy along with the current size and because of this, the puppy may end up smaller or bigger than what we estimated them to be. Exercise and diet will also affect the size and weight of the dog as in overfeeding the dog to be overweight. One thing is for sure, they will remain under a certain weight even as adults which can guarantee them to be called Mini or toy teacups.

One advantage we have over the rest is, our puppies do not come from puppy mills/farms. All our puppies come from reputable breeders who specialize in each breed. Bred under foot in their homes. Our puppies are expected to live to the fullest with proper care and diet. More so, we offer life time support to all our clients once your get your puppy from us, we love to stay connected and share experiences.