Buy Miniature Corgi Puppies

Welsh and Pembroke Corgis are small dogs with distinctive hind legs (the “dwarf” in Corgi). They are very smart, strong, loyal and eager to please. Corgis love their mistress and her family. They also get along well with other pets of the household. The two types of Corgis differ only in coat type – the Pembroke has a short coat while the Welsh has a medium length coat, like a German Shepherd’s.

There is no such recognized breed as a Miniature Corgi, but you may have heard of them. Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis are very similar dogs: they both have long bodies, short legs, and rounded heads with floppy ears. The main difference between the two breeds is that Corgis are slightly larger and they have different tails: Cardigans have bushy tails and terriers’ ears, whilst Pembrokes have short natural tails (no docked) and drop ears. Many Pembrokes also have their tails docked as the AKC’s breed standard requires it.