Buy Mini Maltese Puppies online

Maltese puppies, pure Korean Bloodline, high-end, sweet temperament, snow white color, super cute appearance, big speaking eyes, double fold eyelid, super long eyelashes, beautiful long straight thick silky hair, perfectly healthy, playful, friendly, socialized with the others. The puppies are well-cared and family- spoiled with lots of love. For the buyer’s own family pet only, not for any other purposes. Check here to know more about our Angelic Maltese Puppies for sale.

We care about our puppies and you, check care tips to keep your puppies all year happy and healthy. We have cross breeding programs which heals excellent results and very beautiful puppies, check some of our hybrid Maltese puppies and amongst others. All are puppies are hypoallergenic and in most cases.
Yes we do have pocket size Maltese puppies for sale that will mature under 6 pounds.

At Home of mini pups, our puppies proudly inherited genetic traits from their top-notch Maltese parents. Both Mom and Dad have the genuine Korean Bloodline, being the pure snow-white Maltese with stunning appearance. Estimated body weight when fully grown: 4~6 lbs.

When you Buy Mini Maltese Puppies online, Vaccination, deworming, and physical examination will be updated before going to a new home. The puppies come with Health Certificates, Vaccination Certificates and Medical Passports.

Looking for where to Buy Mini Maltese Puppies online? We need forever, responsible and loving families, which can make an unconditional commitment and enjoy taking good care of the Maltese puppies as one valuable family member, that is our commitment. Priority consideration will be given to the family which can demonstrate its long-term consistent commitment to satisfying the criteria. Your self-introduction will be much appreciated. Only for the serious buyer or family. Contact us here or place a command on your dream puppy.

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