About Us

About Home Of Mini Pups, get to understand our company.

About Home Of Mini Pups

Homeofminipups.com is a pocket edition hub of international breeders highly specialized in mini and toy puppies. We came together with the best international health practices and norms to produce the best of mini pups at a very affordable cost in a bit to connect with other pet loving families like us. All our puppies are raised under foot in our homes, treated as our own children and share everything in the house with us. Most of our puppies are not registered and not licensed for breeding, that helps to keep the fee minimal and increase life expectancy. We serve many nations in Europe, Canada, USA, UK and more. We have representative branches in other countries still operating from homes while we are pursuing the right papers according to the various regulations and tax laws to be fully established.

Our contract comes with extended 2 years health warranty and and 6months insurance plan for a fee. We have contacts of many vets we can recommend to you near after you adopt from us and life time support. You can always join the team and we will scrutinize to make sure you meet the standards to produce quality mini puppies for our valued customers.

The Experience

With over 4 years of practical breeding and cross breeding behind the scene  and 2 years experience of merging with some of the best breeders around the globe, we can confident tell you, we are near the best in this business. Our pups have been bred with CARE from outstanding lines with good temperaments and correct size and raised with LOVE in a family situation which is important with socialization, to approved homes only – preferring company during the day.
Please feel free to inquire in our live chat as one of the many channels to hold of us if you have any queries, or would like to arrange a visit.
All pups are up to date with worming and flea treatment. They will have their first vaccinations and be micro-chipped at their 8 week vet check. We will arrange 6 weeks before pet insurance. These pedigree pups will be registered with any top 10 Kennel Club of your choice -at an additional fee
(optional -with your input into this special name)
To help you care for you new pup we will provide:
  • A full diet sheet and puppy information
  • Bag of puppy food and vouchers
  • Training and socializing information
  • Grooming information for those who wish to groom themselves and will be available for any ongoing advice on care and training.

Our Mission

At Homeofminipups.com, our mission is to provide our clients with healthy, happy, and well-socialized puppies.

We never engage in inbreeding and only source our puppies from reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their animals. By breeding small, healthy, and attractive parent dogs, we are able to produce tiny, adorable, and healthy puppies that are affordable for our clients.

Our dedication to producing healthy puppies has earned us the trust and esteem of our clients. We believe that every puppy deserves a loving home, and we are committed to helping our clients find the perfect addition to their family.

Our Goals

Our company’s motto is to charge a fair price and offer the best puppy without any price bubbles.

We aim to provide you with exactly what you see, we belief what you get will even be better than what you see on pics, our puppies are lively, a picture or two cannot tell you all. Get engage and help us spread the good news

The Company

homeofminipups.com is a small company company still finding its feet in making the right contacts and meeting the right breeders who meet our expectations and that of our clients, our near 3 years of existence has been marked with great success and we keep getting better with your help.
Our area of expertise is little puppies. We are not a filthy facility like a puppy mill. We do not deal with resellers and puppy mills. We make sure our puppies go to good homes only.
We make small puppies by mating a small father dog and a mother dog, provide them with enough mother dog’s milk, vaccinate them to protect them from diseases, and keep them from being exposed to those diseases.


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I remember the first day I and my friends found out about homeofminipups.
We did a quick search and were glad it popped it, I was fortunate
to have a poodle I love so much, my girl is of first class. Clay-
Here she is, it has been joy from day and she is doing excellently well since we picked up her.

Mag Yuan